04 : Praxis

Ritual Praxis for Esoteric National Socialism

Every ancient faith, religion, or belief system had its own theurgy. Typically those mysteries were reserved for teaching to the clerical class. As the Aryan people, while we respect our hierarchy, elders and leaders, there is no reason why each and every one of us cannot reach for apotheosis and the fulfillment of our destiny — co-creators with our gods and goddesses; priests and priestesses, oracles, seers, forthspeakers and prophets — as we will.

The basic methods by which We reach to the aethyrs, connect with the Well of Wyrd, find fellowship amongst the Gods of Our ancestors, shatter Our enemies in spiritual warfare, and thus attain the fulfillment of Our destiny are drawn from multiple sources. We have determined these various traditions hold keys to the manifest Destiny of Our Aryan peoples, as they provide a cohesive method of comprehending that which went unnamed and unspoken in the traditions of Our ancestors, the turning tides of Our history, and the way forward to Victory.