04 : The Few & Secret

"Let my servants be few & secret"

Those who work close to the Wyrd cannot afford the time to be consumed with the concerns of generals, statesmen, or public officials. We eschew titles, fame and accolades in the world of men that we may devote Ourselves to the one true purpose for which we are here in Midgard.

"They shall rule the many & known"

Many are the modern fairytales and urban legends of our day about various entrenched secret cabals who allegedly pull the strings on leaders and nations with designs of a nefarious or self-profiting nature.

We're kind of like that, except we're the good guys.

If they only knew.

“Govern those who govern; cast down such as fall.”

This does not mean, of course, that we have neither power nor authority in this world. Quite the contrary. The Work in which We engage is, quite simply, far too important to risk losing either one by placing it where it is readily detectable by (and thus accessible to) the profane.